If you want to form an opinion about the national character of certain nation, you should not search for the pages of history, you can just visit any rural community, and pass even on day as a simple peasant. As it is said, the village reflects the country’s national traditions, rituals, it keeps the cuisine, the national character and mentality.

During the last decade a new perspective field of tourism is being developed in the world, including Armenia and that is a agritourism. You can pass your weekends in rural area, in rural family, be involved in farming, agricultural food production processes. This is a unique opportunity to communicate with peasants, learn about their traditions, rituals, cuisine.

Armenia is a mountainous country, therefore the communities which are divided by geographical borders are being differed not only by dialects, but also their behavior, cuisine typical to that region’s climate, flora and fauna.

We are suggesting to visit rural communities, learn about local traditions, peasant’s daily life problems, take part in rituals, in making national dishes, discover old receipts (Bread with jengyal from Artsakh, traditional dolma, celebration gatas), make lavash in oven, dry sweet fruits for winter, make kinds of jams, home-made wines, to taste fresh and ecologically clean fruit, vegetable and dairy products.

All this we can combine with picturesque nature and visiting cultural and historical sightseeing. This will be an unforgettable journey for tourist, especially for urbans, meantime the national remarkable traditions and cuisine will be discovered.

It is proved that living in rural areas makes people happier, they love their neighborhood, and feel safer than the urban inhabitants. So there is an opportunity for you to have that experience.