mid. May – July
8 days
up to 10 people
Group size
Guest house, Hostel or B&B
English, Russian, Armenian
DATE: mid. May – July
DURATION: 8 days
LANGUAGE: English, Russian, Armenian
GROUP SIZE: up to 10 people
ACCOMMODATION: Guest house, Hostel or B&B
FOOD: yes (Non-vegetarian or Vegetarian)
TOUR PRICE: from 800 EUR equivalent AMD/per person

Southern Armenia is full of tall mountain ranges, valleys, gorges and forests. One main highway takes you from top to bottom, with dramatic changes in elevation and scenery. The many types of attractions include hot springs and spas, dramatic cliffs and scenery, monasteries, caravansaries and fortresses, petroglyphs and Armenia’s “Stonehenge”, natural caves and cave cities, Armenia’s favorite wine region, and more. А wide variety of the Southern Armenia fauna makes this region very attractive for many species beetles as Cryptocephalusaraxicola, Tanyproctus araxidis, Tanyproctus vedicus, Cardiophorus araxicola, Craspedostethus permodicus, Acmaeoderella pellitula, Sphenoptera khnzorianiet c. and butterflies as Parnassius mnemosynerjabovi, Proserpinus Proserpina etc.


Arrival, Yerevan city tour

Yerevan City tour, including a visit to the different museums (History museum, Matenadaran ancient manuscripts museum etc.).


Yerevan – surroundings of Vedi town (“Khosrov Forest” State Reserve, “Goravan Sands” Sanctuary)

Landscapes available for observations – stony semi-desert, sandy desert, Juniper light forest, oak forest, phrygana.

Available insect species: beetles (Zuphium araxidis, Glaphyrus caucasicus, Anisoplia reitteriana, Pharaonus caucasicus, Tanyproctus araxidis, Tanyproctus vedicus, Cardiophorus araxicola, Craspedostethus permodicus, Acmaeoderella pellitula, Sphenoptera khnzoriani, Sphenoptera geghardica, Armenohelops armeniacus, Cyphostethe semenovi, Phytoeci apici, Agapanthia korostelevi, Cryptocephalus araxicola, etc.); butterflies (Parnassius mnemosyne rjabovi, Papilioalexanor orientalis, Colias aurorina, Colias chlorocoma, Proterebia afrahyrcana, Melitaea vedica, Tomares romanovi, Maculinea alconmonticola, Maculinea arionzara, Agrodiae tushuberti, Agrodiae tussurakovi, Plebejustrans caucasicus, Hyleshippophaes caucasica, Proserpinus proserpina, etc.).

Overnight in Vedi.


Noravank Gorge – surroundings of the Gnishik village

Visit to Areni wine factory. Trip to Noravank Gorge, which is famous for its numerous caves. Then, trip to env. Gnishikvill.Landscapes available for observations – phrygana, riparian forest, dry steppe, steppe.

Available insect species: beetles (Cardiophorus pseudogramineus, Armenohelops armeniacus, Phytoeci apici, Dorcadiongor bunovi, etc.); butterflies (Parnassius Mnemosyne rjabovi, Parnassius Apollo kashtshenkoi, Papilio alexanor orientalis, Colias aurorina, Colias chlorocoma, Maculinea alconmonticola, Maculinea arionzara, Agrodiae tuseriwanensis, Agrodiae tushuberti, Agrodiae tusiphigenia araratensis, Agrodiae tusninae, Agrodiae tussurakovi, Agrodiae tusturcicus, Hyleshippophae scaucasica, Proserpinusp roserpina, etc.).

Historical – architectural site – Noravank Monastery (13th-century, SurbAstvatsatsin and SurbKarapet churches).

Overnight in Vayk town.


Vayk – Goris – Khndzoresk (gorge of old Khndzoresk village)

Gorge of old Khndzoreskvill is a great place for hiking. There are a very large number of caves, although most of them are manmade and rather small. There are ruins of an old village, churches, tombs, great rock formations, springs and a new bridge that spans the gorge.

Landscapes are available for observations along road – steppe, subalpine meadows, secondary light forest, rocky landscape.

Available insect species: beetles (Procerus scabrosus fallettianus, Phytoe ciapici, Dorcadion bistriatum, Dorcadionsisianum, etc.); butterflies (Parnassiusm nemosyne rjabovi, Proserpinus proserpina, etc.).

Historical-architectural site – Artificial caves of Khndzoresk canyon, St.Hripsime church and St.Tatevos churches (17th century), tomb of MkhitarSparapet. 160 meter swinging bridge.

Overnight in Goris.


Goris – Kapan – Zangezur – Shikahogh State Reserve – Kapan

Landscapes are available for observations – broad – leaved forest, sibljak, light forest, subalpine meadow.

Available insect species: beetles (Procerus scabrosus fallettianus, Carabus calleyi, Cortodera kaphanica, Cerambyxcerdo acuminatus, Rosalia alpina, Dorcadionse minudum, Dorcadion gorbunovi, etc.); butterflies (Parnassius Mnemosyne rjabovi, Proserpinus proserpina, etc.).

Overnight in Kapan.


Kapan –Yeghegnadzor – Selim Pass – Sevan (Martuni)

Landscapes available for observations – subalpine meadow, riparian forest, secondary coastal ecosystems of former bottom of Lake Sevan.

Available insect species: beetles (Dyschirius sevanensis, Mylabris sedilithorax, etc.); butterflies (Parnassius apollokasht shenkoi, Coliasa urorina, Maculinea arionzara, Agrodiae tusturcicus, etc.).

Historical – architectural site – The Selim Caravanserai (14th century, 2410 m above sea level).

Overnight in Sevan.


Sevan –Yerevan

Walk and observations on the slopes of Sevan peninsula and in the coastal ecosystems of the Lake Sevan. Landscapes available for observations – dry steppe, steppe, bushes.

Available insect species: beetles (Dyschirius sevanensis, Mylabris sedilithorax, etc.); butterflies (Parnassius apollokasht shenkoi, Coliasa urorina, Maculinea arionzara, Agrodiaet usturcicus, etc.).

Historical – architectural sites – Sevan monastery (10th century) in Sevan peninsula.

Overnight in Yerevan.



Price for the tour is:

800 EUR equivalent AMD/ per person with accommodation in a Guesthouse, Hostel or B&B

Tour price includes:

Airport pick up
Transportation during the all duration of the tour
Professional guide
Accommodation in Hotel
Meal including lunch, dinner and breakfast during the tour with hot tea/coffee
All the entry fees
City tour in Yerevan

Tour price excludes:

International airfare
Entrance Visa
Travel insurance