Welcome to Armenia, as Armenians say “Bari galust”.

The Republic of Armenia is situated in the southern part of Caucasus being a small north-eastern part of an extensive high-mountainous area of the Armenian Upland. The Armenian people represent one of the most ancient modern nations.

Let’s have a small tour throughout Armenia, and get acquainted with an Armenian culture, which has more than 3000 years old history. We encounter with the titles of country “Arminiya” and people “Armina” for the first time in cuneiforms of Persian king Dareh I (522-486 BC). During thousands of years many events have taken place in Armenia. And probably the most important and far – reaching one was the adoption of Christianity in 301, at king Tiridates III, Armenia became the first state in the world,  where Christianity was officially proclaimed as a unique state religion. The legend states, that when the Armenians have appeared in front of the God for reception of the share of land, the latter was already given out, and they got only stones, therefore one of the titles of Armenia sounds as “Karastan” – “Country of stones”. Armenia is a real open – air museum both concerning monuments of nature and the cultural heritage – a country open for all. Here you can find cave paintings, rock carvings from even stone century, pagan temple, Armenian churches, famous khachkhars, carpets, paintings, etc. A famous Italian script writer, playwright, painter, sculptor and a poet Tonino Guerra once visited Armenia said. “Armenia is a journey to up, towards heaven. Every time I come to Armenia I get a lot of warmth and power to live, to go on.” This is a country of sun and powerful culture which will attract you the most. As Armenia was the world’s first officially Christian country, you will find here countless monasteries and churches. The most famous are Geghard, Noravank, Haghpat, Sanahin, Kecharis etc.. The monastery of Geghard was partially carved out of the mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tatev Monastery was founded in the fourth century at the site of a pagan temple. It is among the oldest and most prominent monasteries in Armenia. You can get there by funicular called “Wings of Tatev”. “Wings of Tatev” is the world’s longest reversible aerial tramway built in one section only. Mother See of Holy is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the worldwide Armenian Apostolic Church and the Pontifical Residence of the Supreme Patriarch. Noravank is a two storey 13th century Armenian monastery, which was founded in 1205. Also you can visit the last remained pagan temple in Armenia Garni, which was built for the god of sun Mihr. You also have a chance to see an Armenian Karahunj, which can be translated as Stonehenge. The Armenian one is is 3, 500 years older than England’s Stonehenge and 3, 000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. The Armenian scientists consider it to be large and developed observatory. Armenia is also famous of its khachkars. Khachkar is unique sculpture based on the ancient national traditions. Khachkars originated in the beginning of the 4th century right after the adoption of Christianity. Armenian architecture, urban construction and constructive art, medieval miniature painting, carpets, poetry, music, painting, farming and live-stock farming have an important place in world culture. Traditionally, weaving, carpet weaving, pottery, lacemaking, jewelry making were and still are very popular among Armenians. Also there are art galleries, museums in Armenia, especially in Yerevan. The most frequently visited are The National gallery, the museum of History. Beloved one is Sergei Parajanov’s museum, who was an Armenian director, script-writer, and painter. His works are attracting more and more people each year. The capital Yerevan is famous for its night life. Young people like to hang around in different pubs and listen to music, drink some beer or wine. It is common to say that Yerevan is a capital of jazz, indeed, you can listen to it in many clubs. The other types of music are also very popular here. Armenian cuisine includes meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Dolma is one of the most famous. It is grape’s leave filled with meat and rice. You should also try Armenian bread called lavash. There are many sources of mineral water in Armenia, which you can also try. Armenian people are hospitable to accept you warmly, to share their traditions. It will be an unforgettable journey.