May – October
5 days
up to 15 people
Group size
Camping, Guest house
English, Russian, Armenian
DATE: May – October
DURATION: 5 days
LANGUAGE: English, Russian, Armenian
GROUP SIZE: up to 15 people
ACCOMMODATION: Camping, Guest house
TOUR PRICE: from 230 EUR equivalent AMD/per person

The wildlife tour includes hiking through 4-5 below mentioned eco-trails, wildlife watching activities (Bezoar goats etc.) and visits to cultural sites.

About “Gnishik” Protected Landscape

The “Gnishik” Protected Landscape comprises Areni, Gnishik and Khachik community areas from RA VayotsDzor province, 6010.74 ha. The unique natural conditions of “Gnishik Protected Landscape” have become reason for formation of very specific diversity of flora and fauna․You can meet here more than 15 types of higher fungi. The flora includes 889 species of vascular plants, of which 47 are registered in RA Red Book. The protected landscape is also rich with more than 500 species of useful plants: edible, spicy, honey making, medical herbs, fodder, technical, which are often used by the locals for domestic purposes. There are more than 130 species of birds, of which 16 are registered in RA Red Book. You can meet there 39 species of mammals, of which 9 are included in IUCN Red List, and 11 in RA Red Book. “Gnishik” Protected Landscape areas are distinguished by unique natural heritage, which gives an opportunity to develop different ways of ecotourism. One can find here many natural treasures, such as Arpa river valleys, the waterfall Areni, Magil, Mozrov, Arjer and Trchni caves, numerous caverns, exotic rock formations and etc.



Gnishik mountain – Khachik village (10.2 km, duration- 4-5 hours, medium difficulty)

The tour starts and passes from the west side of Gnishik mountain’s slope and finishes in Khachik village․ From the top of the Gnishik mountain you can see a marvelous sight to the valleys of Khachik villages, Ararat mountain in the west and canyon of the river Gnishik.


Nar amaghu – the canyon of Noravank (2.5 km, duration- 40 min. difficulty – easy), it can be continued till the chapel near Noravank, where the holy spring and khachkar can be seen

The tour is visible and quite easy to pass. The khachkars and cemetery near Amaghu, the view of Noravank monastery are the best features of this tour. Near Noravank a holy spring, a chapel and an ancient khachkar can be founded (300m).


Arpi – Djoravank (3.5 km, duration – 2 hours, difficulty – easy)

The fortress of Ertich, medieval settlement ruins, which are visible on the way through the trail, the deep canyon of Djrovank have a unique value and are very impressive. On the top of the canyon Mozrov’s cave is located.


The surroundings of Gnishik village- the canyon of Zafar, Old Amaghu-New Amaghu (10.7 km, duration 4-5 hours, difficulty-easy, in canyon-medium, from the canyon to the top of Zafar high)
This tour includes two trails 4a and 4b and is for lovers of long routs.

New Amaghu-Old Amaghu -Zafar hill (4.2 km, duration 1.5-2 hours, difficulty-medium)

The old cemetery and khachkars of Amaghu, the ruins of Old Amaghu, the scene to the Noravank monastery are worth to see and explore. The path goes through the red cave-stones to the River Gnishik’s canyon. Here is the dwelling place for Bezoar goats, Caucasian leopard, and in the lower part of the canyon brown bear can be found.


The surroundings of Gnishik- the canyon of Zafar (5 km, 1.5-2 hours, difficulty-easy)
The path is used as a road for villagers to reach Zafar in summers. The wonderful scene of coastal sparse forest will follow you during the walk. The area is rich with reptiles.


“Mets Khach” (Big Cross) chapel (surroundings of Gnishik)- the mountain Gandzak- valley of the river Arpa [14.7 km, duration- 8-10 hours, difficulty -medium (during climbing), easy (main hiking), difficult (during descending)]

On the road you will see many incredible scenes as well as the valley of river Arpa and surroundings of Gnishik. It passes through the the top of the mountain Gandzak, many caves, also it is near to reserve, where you can see Bezoar goats and other animals. It is possible to see numerous types of birds in summer and spring.


Gandzak-Boloraberd (fortress) – Ttujur (spring) (13.6 km. duration 4-5 hours, difficulty-easy)

It passes through the dwelling place for Bezoar goats and Armenian mouflons, also is very convenient for bird-watching. On the road you will see the church Gandzak, the church of Boloraberd with its cross stones, the rocky canyon of the river Grav and spring of mineral water.



Price for the tour is:

from 230 EUR equivalent AMD/per person with accommodation in in camp or guest house

Tour price includes:

Airport pick up
Transportation during the all duration of the tour
Professional guide
Accommodation in Hotel
Meal including lunch, dinner and breakfast during the tour with hot tea/coffee
All the entry fees
City tour in Yerevan

Tour price excludes:

International airfare
Entrance Visa
Travel insurance