March – November
1 day
up to 15 people
Group size
English, Russian, Armenian
DATE: March – November
LANGUAGE: English, Russian, Armenian
GROUP SIZE: up to 15 people
FOOD: lunch (Non-vegetarian or Vegetarian)
TOUR PRICE: from 25 EUR equivalent AMD/per person

Nestled between mountains ranges, Dilijan is one of Armenia’s most picturesque towns. The lush forests, snow capped mountains, and untamed rivers of the region have earned Dilijan the nickname, “Little Switzerland”. The town is located 100 kilometers from Yerevan, in northeastern Armenia. As you hike through different parts of the region, you will notice how quickly the landscapes change from evergreen forests to lush grazing fields to deciduous forests. These constantly shifting micro-ecosystems make for delightful hikes. Dilijan is a flower lover’s haven. The wildflowers in the region are absolutely stunning, and vary greatly from season to season. As you hike through different altitudes, you’ll notice drastic changes in flora – sometimes within the scope of a few minutes!

“Dilijan” National Park supports more than 200 species of vertebrates, including 9 species of fish, 5 amphibians, 16 reptile, 49 mammals and 147 birds. The Park is bird-watchers paradise, with more than a quarter of the species of birds found in the entire European subcontinent. It is also home to some of Armenia’s  largest predators, including the Caucasian Brown Bear,  Caucasian Wolf and endangered Caucasian Lynx. The Park contains a rich and diverse variety of invertebrates, including 69 species of mollusks and 1431 species arthropods. More than 25% of Armenia’s plant species ( 977 species) can be found in “Dilijan”  National Park. The Park is home to 51 species of trees, 47 bushes, 696 perennial herbaceous plants, 176 annual and biannual plants, and 7 parasites. 27 of these species are included in Armenia’s Red Book.

We offer following hiking tours in “Dilijan” National Park:


Dilijan – Matosavank

This short 30 minute hike will get your blood pumping as you hike up a dirt trail to visit a 13thcentury monastery. Set deep in the woods and surrounded by Khatchkars (cross-stone carvings), Matosavank has been largely overtaken by nature.

Hike duration: 1.5 hours (distance: 2 km)


Dilijan – Jukhtak Monastery – 11th Century Chapel

You will begin this hike just below the 12th century Jukhtak monastic complex and continue uphill towards a farming settlement and end up at the small 11th century chapel.

Hike duration: 1.5 hours (distance 3 km)


Haghartsin Monastery – Shamakhyan village

Beginning at Haghartsin Monastery, This hike takes you along footpaths used for centuries by shepherds and woodsmen. You’ll follow a stream and crisscrossing trails uphill through the forest, eventually ending up at a clearing with a magnificent view of Shamakhyan village and the surrounding region. From here, you will find way down to the village.

Hike duration: 3.5 hours (distance 10 km)


Parz Lich – Goshavank

This trail at Parz Lich (Clear Lake), a small, picturesque lake in the Dilijan highlands. From here you will trek through lush, dense woodlands, suddenly emerging in a vast grassy meadow from which you will descends, to Gosh village, concluding your hike at the breathtaking medieval monastery: Goshavank.

Hike duration: 4 hours (distance 8 km)


Dilijan – Ttu Jur –  Parz Lake

This is a beautiful and varied hike. You will begin in Upper Dilijan, walk through rolling hills of grazing fieldsmeadows of endless wildflowers, and the lushdeեp forests of the Dilijan Highlands to end up at Parz Lich (Clear Lake). Along the way you will pass by Ttu Jur, a natural mineral spring.

Hike duration: 3.5 hours (distance 10 km)


Aghavnavank Village – Redwood Grove

This is a short, easy and pleasant hike, ideal for a picnic with the family. It is a partially-marked trail that takes you along a creek in a fenced area of Dilijan National Par. You will end up at Aghavnavank (Monastery of the Dove); a small medieval monastert that has been almost completely overtaken by nature.

Hike duration: 1.5 hours (distance 2.3 km one way)


Haghartsin Village – Abeghakar Peak

This trail begins in the quaint village of Haghartsin. You will pass a cemetery, some khatchkars (cross-stones), and lush grazing fields to eventually climb the Abeghakar Peak. From here, you will have a stunning view of the region. You are sure to meet some friendly locals along the way.

Hike duration: 5 hours (distance 5.5 km)


Dilijan – Ayridash

This trail takes you through fields and pastures, unlike other hikes in the Dilijan area, which mostly cover dense forests. You will climb Astkhakar peak  located in Ayridash area, from where, in a clear day, you can see as far as Lake Sevan.

Hike duration: 7.5 hours (distance 8 km)


Goshavank – Gosh Lake

After a short walk down from Goshavank Monastery,this hike takes you up a winding dirt road towards Gosh Lich (Lake). You’ll hear Gosh Lich before you see it. This small lake (more of a large pond really) is brimming with life – a frog sanctuary of sorts. There is a

nice picnic area here, ideal for a lunch break. Gosh Lich is a popular fishing spot, so you’re sure to bump into some friendly locals if you lose your way.

Hike duration: 1.5 hours (distance 2.5 km)


Dilijan – Waterfall

This trail takes you to a recently discovered small and beautiful waterfall, located not so far away from Dilijan town. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and rocky landscape.

Hike duration: 2 hours (distance 3.3 km)


Dilijan – Dilijan Mountains – Dilijan

This circuitous trail begins in Upper Dilijan. You will hike past Ttu Jur (a natural mineral spring) and up into the Dilijan Mountains. From the peak (one of the highest points in the area) you will have a breathtaking view of region. The trail takes you down the mountain by a different route, and you will end up back at your starting point in Upper Dilijan.

Hike duration:  5 hours (distance 15 km)

Price for the tour is:

from 25 EUR equivalent AMD/per person with accommodation in camp or guest house

Tour price includes:

Airport pick up
Transportation during the all duration of the tour
Professional guide
Accommodation in Hotel
Meal including lunch, dinner and breakfast during the tour with hot tea/coffee
All the entry fees
City tour in Yerevan

Tour price excludes:

International airfare
Entrance Visa
Travel insurance