About Us

Ecotour LLC (registration number: 273.110.781405) is full service travel agency mainly specializing in ecotourism and agritourism in Armenia and Artsakh. The agency offers various guided tour packages as well as services for individuals and groups. We are providing the high-level services and support in the all stages of tour planning according to the client’s specifications.


Our vision is to be the leading travel agency of the ecotourism professionals’ realizing concepts of sustainable development via innovative solutions and ideas in tourism market of Armenia and Artsakh.


Our mission is to provide for our customers the high quality services in combination with Armenian warm hospitality.


The tour company promotes principles of responsible tourism and it has a responsibility to the environment and local communities in Armenia and Artsakh.

Sargis Aghayan

Sargis is Director of the Ecotour Travel Agency. Sargis is responsible for overall management and operation of the company. 

Arsen Gasparyan
Deputy Director

Arsen is Deputy Director of the Ecotour Travel Agency. He is responsible for cooperation and development of the projects in Europe.

Gurgen Grigoryan
Website Administrator

Gurgen is Site Administrator. He promotes the Ecotour activities in the web space.

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